Turiya Foundation aims to democratise the information flow and keep it free from propaganda for the public good. It aims to inform, educate and empower. 

Turiya Foundation is a registered public trust (registration number: 190301322/2018) in West Bengal, India. Its registered address is Arunalaya, Hakimpara, Jalpaiguri – 735101, West Bengal, India. 

Aims & Objectives: 

  • The purpose of the foundation is to support the development and distribution of high-quality, noncommercial content and services with particular attention to the needs and interests of women, children, unserved and underserved communities and diverse audiences.
  • To ensure universal access to high-quality content and telecommunications services that are commercial free and free of charge and facilitate the development of content created for and delivered across multiple platforms.
  • Promote an educated and informed civil society by supporting high-quality engaging content and services delivered across multiple platforms.
  • Through the website, reporteratlarge.org, facilitate the development and distribution of high-quality content, including news and information, that is accurate, fair, balanced, objective, transparent, and produced in a manner that is consistent with the editorial integrity of editors, producers and journalists and to provide news and articles that inform, educate, enlighten, and enrich the public and help inform civil discourse essential to the Indian society.
  • Support the efforts of public media outlets, editors, journalists and producers to make innovative use of print, broadcast, internet and mobile platforms to serve audiences wherever, whenever and however they use, share and create media.
  • Support public media efforts to develop strategies to address the rapidly changing ways in which people are using media.
  • Promote and support collaborations and consolidations to increase capacity to provide essential and diverse service.
  • Foster a public media workforce that incorporates the diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences of the people.
  • Work with public media organisations to increase and measure the impact of the services they provide as well as the awareness of the vital role that public media plays in helping communities address important local issues.
  • To further foster a spirit of serving the national cause of having unity in diversity demonstrated in the membership of the foundation.
  • To encourage members to play a responsible role in social causes by actively organising Social Responsibility Initiatives in the communities that they cater.
  • To provide training and education to journalists from rural and tribal areas to bring diversity to the media discourse and discussion.
  • To provide training and skill development opportunities to traditional journalists or journalists working under duress.
  • To bring innovation into the digital landscape with low-cost technology to make multimedia easier for grassroots reporters.
  • To uphold free speech and expression, and a reminder to the government about the importance of respecting this right to inculcate a true spirit of democracy.